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BFN in English

Swedish Accounting Standards Board

Bokföringsnämnden, BFN (The Swedish Accounting Standards Board) is a governmental body with the main objective of promoting the development of, in Sweden, generally accepted accounting principles regarding current recording as well as the setting up of annual accounts.

Legal context
The accounting legislation in Sweden consists of mandatory accounting acts, the Annual Accounts Act of 1995 and the Book-keeping Act of 1999 being the most important ones. Both the Annual Accounts Act and the Book-keeping Act are general frameworks for accounting and both acts refer to "generally accepted accounting principles".

The Annual Accounts Act is based on the EC Fourth, Seventh and Eleventh Directive. Credit institutions, brokers and dealers in securities or insurance companies are covered by two special accounting acts.

The Standard Setting
The Board issues general advice and information material on accounting matters and accounting practices. Finansinspektionen (The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority) is responsible for issuing standards required for financial companies.

There is no official translation of the accounting legislation or the standard setting into English.

Contact us:

Swedish Accounting Standards Board
PO  Box 7849
SE-103 99 Stockholm

+46 8 787 80 28

+46 8 21 97 88

Send e-mail to BFN or bfn(à) where (à) i changed to @ because we have distorted the address to avoid spam.

Box 7849, S-103 99 Stockholm | Visitingaddress: Brunnsgatan 3
Phone: +46 8 787 80 28 (between 09.30-11.30)
E-mail: bfn(à)

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