About BFN

Our mandate

  • We are the government’s expert body in the field of accounting.
  • We are responsible for developing generally accepted accounting principles.

We issue general guidelines for provisions in the Book-keeping Act and Annual Accounts Act. We also issue guides and information material.

We shall contribute to enhancing the standard of book-keeping and accounting at companies. By informing about book-keeping and accounting, and adapting the rules to the needs of users, we shall make things simpler for companies.

Our mandate also includes

  • assisting the Government Offices of Sweden in accounting matters,
  • participating in inquiries within the committee system,
  • expressing opinions on regulatory proposals, and
  • providing opinions to courts regarding the implications of generally accepted accounting principles.

We also answer accounting-related questions, see under Ask BFN.


Our organisation

BFN is a government authority under the Ministry of Finance. Its members are appointed by the government.

BFN’s office is located in Stockholm, and the work of the office is headed by Administrative Director Stefan Pärlhem. Eight officials work at the office, most of whom are economists and legal counsellors. The office prepares the matters on which BFN is to decide.

BFN decides on e.g. general guidelines, statements regarding what constitutes generally accepted accounting principles, and other matters that include taking a position of principle importance. Besides preparing matters for BFN, the office works with information and service for the general public within BFN’s scope of operation.

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